This app uses your smartphone camera to create a uniquely immersive experience

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Discover beyond what’s visible with Unveiled

With the use of augmented reality you can immerse yourself and engage with the world around you in ways you’ve never thought.

Mark your visits with rewards!

By completing each exhibit you can collect uniquely designed badges to make your experience more memorable. Each badge is designed by local artists from the area.

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Save your favorite exhibits with the journal

By saving exhibits you can take notes on learnings you come across and save them to visit them later

With the use of our built-in map navigating museums has never been easier

Accessible on multiple devices, you can easily map out your trip and provide useful information about open and closed exhibits.

Guide on phone

Our navigation guides accompany you through the immersive world of AR

Various choices of guides help provide assistance in navigating the museum and give interesting information about select exhibits.